So, I looked up a lot of links while learning how to configure Gunicorn and Nginx for a Flask app I’m building. An article on the specifics of what I learnt will follow this one. This one focuses on the links and resources themselves -

First of all, you’re probably asking - Why do I need Gunicorn and Nginx? That’s what I looked up first as well.

Next, how to actually go about the whole process?

The obvious links:

Quora is generally useless nowadays but this was as a proper answer:

The architecture of Nginx is very well explained here:

This link was really helpful

Some Stackoverflow answers that helped:

Other useful links:

What’s next?

I want to hook up icinga to see if it’s going to serve my monitoring purpose. I don’t know anything about Icinga at the time of writing this note -

Note -

This link I accidentally found in the process explaining architectures of a lot of Open Source systems. This is pretty awesome.