Disclaimer : Extensions in Jupyter-lab are still very much experimental. But this one seems to be working fabulously so far.

jupyterlab-git is an extension that lets you stage and commit changes to notebooks made right from within the Jupyterlab interface.

This is best installed within the confines of a virtual environment, as is anything experimental.

Installation steps -

a) Ensure that you have the latest version of jupyterlab (=1.2.0 at the time of this writing) and NodeJS(=12.13.0 at this time)

 pip install -U jupyterlab

b) Install jupyterlab-git

 pip install --upgrade jupyterlab-git

c) Build jupyter

 jupyter lab build

d) Enable jupyterlab_git

 jupyter serverextension enable --py jupyterlab_git --sys-prefix

e) Run jupyter-lab


In Jupyter-lab

f) Enable the Extensions Manager (experimental)


g) Search for and Install jupyterlab-git extension. You’ll be asked to Rebuild Jupyter.


h) Once the Git extension shows up post rebuilding, you can stage any changes made per notebook.


i) Commit post-staging


j) Push!


If you see this, you’re successfully done :)