Spoiler alert

I loved the setting and the struggle.

The roller coaster parallel journeys of the mathematician, the physicist and the detective each with their alternating moments of triumph and defeat was very telling of how people deal with successes and failures in their day-to-day lives and in a world where every tale is told with someone victorious at the end, this is a lovely, yet heart-wrenching tale that goes to show that not all battles fought bravely and smartly ends in victory.

Till the end, I felt that Ishigami, for all his brains had let his heart overpower him in his decisions but Keigo turned it around beautifully by explaining his reasoning for doing so in just a few lines. And I understood why. Till the end, I felt Yasuko was being selfish by not turning herself in and towards the end, she did. And I loved that too. It was really painful to see the brilliance of it all not working out. But I guess that's how justice should work. It Should be infallible :(

I loved the book.