Spoiler alert

A Man called Ove wouldn't cry.

Or atleast he wouldn't cry as much as I did in more than a few parts in the book.

I thought a Man called Ove didn't deserve the hype it got, till I finally was handed a copy of the book myself and I gave in. And now it deserves all the accolades it's received and more. And when you're done with the book as well, you will remember Ove for all the times he was more human as a fictitious character than the humans we are in today's world -

  • When he places his hand on the tombstone…and talks longingly to a wife who was only a memory and a stone now.
  • When he shows his dad what stuff he’s made of when he decides to turn in the wallet at the station.
  • When he’s had enough gives Tom what he’s been asking for for a long time.
  • When he stands up the “Suits” and builds his house all by himself.
  • When he runs into a burning house opposite his and makes that choice over saving his own skin.
  • When he loves a girl who can take care of him and loves her more when she can’t.
  • When he takes a neighbor and her children to the hospital when her husband falls off a ladder, albeit begrudgingly and punches a clown at the place.
  • When he teaches her driving.
  • When he helps a boy fix his bicycle for a girl who might one day become his girlfriend.
  • When he helps a woman retain the care of a husband (who’s also the closest thing he had to a best friend) whose health is deteriorating and fights off more “Suits” in the process.
  • When he earns the love of a 3 year old and a 7 year old.
  • When he takes in a son who’s kicked out of his house by his father for being a “bender” and later helps them reconcile.
  • When he takes care of an entire locality and sticks to his guns every time…because principles.

I know I've omitted a lot of little things that tugged at me. I loved this book a lot and I have no doubt that I'll read it again. And again. Maybe I'll read it in a tiny cafe. Maybe on a bus in Spain. Or by a window in my house. But I won't read it while driving. And definitely not while driving down my road.

Because vehicular traffic is prohibited in the residential area.

And to the friend who slipped me this book and urged me to read it. Thank you.