I’d first heard about this book from a good friend, Bindu Madhav, and being an aficionado of all things language, it seemed natural that one of the most prominent industries of our time, and indeed for quite a while - Branding and Advertising would appeal to me as a subject of reading. What was surprising was the time it has taken me to finally pick it up.

Today is Day 3 of reading. Ambi Parameswaran, at the time of writing this book was working at FCB Ulka, and understandably has a lot of insight into the work performed by the company, himself at the forefront of a lot of the said work. Apart from that he offers a lot of information about how the advertising industry has changed in the last half century in different facets of life. There are some companies that have stood the test of time in their advertising methods, while some of them have had to continuously change their tunes to fit the consumer’s changing mindset.

Current Chapter : “Bacche toh Bacche, Baap re Baap”. This chapter title has served as the tagline for Dalda Refined Oil, one of those products that has switched hands, and it seems, faces over time.