I've been posting my observations and thoughts I deem shareworthy (all original content), sometimes mistakenly, on Facebook for the past 4-5 years and I think now it's time I collated them all in one space that is not Facebook. So this is it.
Friday - 28 Dec 2018

90s song remade for the current generation -
Aaj mai Uber
Brake hai neeche
Traffic hai aage
Aur police mere peeche.


Thursday - 27 Dec 2018

Persuasive shayars starting their Shayari be like -
Urge kiya hai 

You don't hurt the people you love.
Intentionally you don't.
But you can't hurt the people that you..
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Wednesday - 26 Dec 2018

Facebook has increased my productivity by 50% by introducing ads in its videos midway. 
Thank you Facebook.


Friday - 21 Dec 2018

Who called it Australia and not Koala Lump-ur?

Thursday - 20 Dec 2018

My aaj ka uber driver for some reason thinks I'm a tourist and is pointing out the different malls in Bangalore as we pass it. He even pointed out a McD.

Dei, I know I'm from Puttenahalli, but bro I've seen McDisney da  :/