Memory Monitor Widget using Python

I use Ubuntu 16.04 and I’ve been searching for a good memory monitoring desktop widget to no avail. I found a couple of taskbar widgets but none that would tell me the free memory left in addition to the used/swap/cache memories. [Read More]
Tags: gtk python code

Surprising Searches 1 Of N

You’re probably aware of most of the products that Google offers. Trends, is one of them and it allows you to look up various trends of searches by time, country etc. It’s a lot of fun…if you’re into that sort of thing. [Read More]

Studying The Show About Nothing

I have watched and re-watched Seinfeld over and over for the last 6–7 years now and it remains, till date, one of my most favorite shows. For a show that claims to be about nothing, it has certainly managed to fill up nine seasons worth of content, all with seemingly... [Read More]

Data Visualization Exp1

Hours of max FB Usage — I originally intended to do something else, but ended up doing this instead  —  Figuring out at what hours during the day I’ve been most active on Facebook — outliers included. [Read More]