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English (15)


  • Most people find stitching tedious. I personally find it sewthing.
  • My puns may not make you smile. :confused: But I guarantee they’re all homegroan.:running:
  • Debating who to good naturedly insult from among a group of friends - tough dissision.
  • The technical term for a lamp’s brightness is…Lamplitude


  • What’s a gardener’s favorite magazine? Weeder’s Digest ✂


  • Keeping scotchbrite next to puja room coz Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


  • Who called it anti-dandruff shampoo and not lack-tick acid?
  • If you’re the ghost of a lawyer, I Will call you Harvey Spectre and no, you can’t object. Coz… You aren’t solid.
  • Hiring waiters for tech-based cafe. Should be okay with working 24*7 because these servers can’t go down man


  • What do you call a full dustbin? Bin Laden


  • All the chimney sliding indicates that Santa was not Claustrophobic.


  • If you really want some specific categories of content in your Twitter feed, like.. you really really want only that and nothing else, visualize it. Think hard about it. And you’ll get it. This is.. The SecRT.


  • The onions are weeping harder than we are.


  • Me cautioning the tiny red mark not to spread aggressively all over my face - “Don’t be rash now. :unamused:


  • That terrible, sinking feeling, that you’re the wrong kind of bird? That’s egret.

Linkuistic (8)


  • Who called it shaving and not mushkill? :unamused:
  • Sun Tzu : The Art of War; Sanju : The Art of Farce


  • Police officers in Tamil Nadu should be called Noor Jawan.


  • I ate one lays and one 5 star just now which is in line with my special ketto diet which has just one basic rule - Don’t ask me about my diet ketto? :angry:
  • A cogent Telgite - Artikula


  • Someone who tries very hard to do whatever he does, fighting his natural instincts and wishes Should be quite unambiguously nicknamed Contrivedi.


  • Ministers don’t take a vacation. They take a sabhattical.


  • Hasana is also an asana. Make someone laugh today da.

Contextual (1)


  • Sons of Fortune is about two twins separated at birth - One of them becomes a best-selling author and the other becomes a cricketer named Jofra Archer.

Bangalore (2)


  • If I had stats to back me up that beans was highly consumed in Central Bangalore, I’d have suggested a certain area there be renamed Pulsoor.


  • Batman and Superman decide to meet in Bangalore. Where do they meet? Marthahalli.