This is a log of all the text puns/jokes/thoughts/observations I've made or intended to make on my Facebook timeline over the years.
Dei, when your amma told you to clean your room you won't but when KonMariamma says, you will ah?
90s song remade for the current generation -
Aaj mai Uber
Brake hai neeche
Traffic hai aage
Aur police mere peeche.

Persuasive shayars starting their Shayari be like - 
Urge kiya hai
You don't hurt the people you love.
Intentionally you don't.
But you can't hurt the people that you.. (Skip ad) 
Facebook has increased my productivity by 50% by introducing ads in its videos midway. Thank you Facebook.

Who called it Australia and not Koala Lump-ur?
My aaj ka uber driver for some reason thinks I'm a tourist and is pointing out the different malls in Bangalore as we pass it. He even pointed out a McD.
Dei, I know I'm from Puttenahalli, but bro I've seen McDisney da  😔